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Shana Renee Stephenson. Photo Credit: Ih Her Shoes Blog

All Sports Everything’s Shana Renee Stephenson and Brandon ‘Scoop B’ Robinson talk about a ton on All Sports Everything! Press Play Above To Listen!

Shana Renee Stephenson is the truth. As per ESSENCE’s Charreah K. Jackson, Stephenson first realized her love of sports while she was in high school.

That love affair blossomed. Her brother played college football and her and her family would go and support him.

A Spelman grad, Stephenson is a life-long Knicks and Michigan Wolverines men’s basketball fan, circa the Jalen Rose, Juwan Howard and Chris Webber Fab 5 era.

As a fan of her work myself, one of the coolest parts of her journey that I appreciate are her posts on social media detailing the connection to sports that she shares with her dad.

Her sense of humor is pretty up there too! Need perspective on relationship goals? Just ask the big homie!

Her site: All Sports Everything embodies her perspectives as a native New Yorker and a former sports marketing executive at ESPN mixed in with being a genuine fan of sports.

Not only has Stephenson been on the print side, she’s also been in front of the camera. Additionally, she’s a sports fans dream working her audio chops in podcast form.

Did you see the chat that she had with ESPN’s Jemele Hill?

UnManning The Game TV: ESPN’s Jemele Hill is Winning in a Man’s World from Shana Renee on Vimeo.

Stephenson’s UnManning the Game is pretty dope, but her sports commentary is just as dope! Both her written work and social commentary have been featured on platforms like ARISE TV, MSNBC, NBC Online and ESPN.

She’s a star! 

Make sure to check out Shana Renee Stephenson’s All Sports Everything site and give her a follow on Twitter as well: @ItsShanaRenee

You’ll be glad that you did! 

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