Michelle Obama says she is sick of all the nastiness in politics as drums up voter participation [Video]

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Michelle Obama says she’s ‘sick of all the nastiness in politics’ as she drums up voter participation at Nevada rally before starting a huge national tour to promote her book

  • Michelle Obama, 54, admitted she is tired of mean politics but has encouraged those with the right to vote to make their mark
  • Her Nevada rally …

Former first lady Michelle Obama speaks at a rally to encourage voter registration Sunday in Las Vegas, Nevada

Her Nevada rally marked the 53rd anniversary of the Voting Rights Act, which prohibits racial discrimination in voting

She hasn't overtly supported any Democratic candidates this year, but her husband Barack Obama has made appearances in California and Ohio to support his party

Obama reminded the audience that voting in the mid-terms influenced sheriffs and roadworks

She carried out her work as When We All Vote co-chair in a school gymnasium

Obama left the White House in January 2017 but the crowd seemed to want her to run for president to which she replied 'Stop this'

Obama told people she didn't care who they vote for as long as they participate

Actor-and-comedian Keegan-Michael Key acknowledged his understanding of why people feel unmotivated to vote

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