Jared Kushner reportedly paid nothing in taxes for years [Video]

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Jared Kushner ‘paid nothing in federal income taxes for years’ despite having a net worth of $324M and earning millions a year developing real estate

  • New report by the New York Times analyzes confidential financial documents
  • Finds that Jared Kushner avoided federal taxes for most of the past nine years
  • Used real estate depreciation to offset …

Kushner (right) is seen on Tuesday. A new report says he paid nothing in income taxes for years

Kushner and wife Ivanka Trump are seen at the Met Gala in 2014. That year, Kushner had no tax liability at the end of the year, and had prepaid no taxes, according to the documents

Kusher and his father Charles are seen together in 2012. They benefited from the structure of their real estate company, which passes corporate tax liability through to the owners

Family affair: Donald Trump, left, with his brother, Fred Jr, brother Robert, sister Maryanne, and sister Elizabeth. Shortly after the picture was taken he was 'earning' $200,000 a year

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