Why Hollywood villains have such as Freddie Kruger and The Joker have such evil laughs #Celebrity #360WiseMedia [Video]

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Revealed: Why Hollywood villains such as Freddie Kruger, The Joker and the Wicked Witch of the West have such evil laughs

  • Jens Kjeldgaard-Christiansen, a psychologist at Aarhus University, details theory
  • Says laughs reveals an ‘open and candid enjoyment from others’ suffering’
  • He adds that evil cackles tend to be both visual and vocal, so multi-sensory

Peter Lloyd for MailOnline

Hollywood’s most-famous villains often possess an evil laugh.

And, according to experts, the likes of Freddie Kruger, The …

Terrifying: US actress Margaret Hamilton (1902-1985, R) plays the Wicked Witch of the West in Hollywood classic  The Wizard of Oz - for which her character was renowned for a cruel cackle

Chilling: American actor Robert Englund poses in character as Freddy Krueger circa 1986. Science insists that his evil laugh helped audiences to reaffirm his (obvious) ill intent.

Heath Ledger pictured in The Dark Knight: Typically, laughs are both visual and vocal, making them multi-sensory and thus twice as effective. Plus, they are hard to fake convincingly.


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