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Veterans Empowered at Project Fitness in Atlanta GA

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Veterans Empowered at Wounded Warrior Project Fitness Program in Atlanta

ATLANTA, June 19, 2017 /360WiseNews/ — Life Time Athletic recently opened its doors to injured veterans taking part in a Wounded Warrior Project® (WWP) Physical Health and Wellness coaching program in Atlanta. As they spent three days exploring exercise, nutrition, and lifestyle goals, warriors reaped the benefits of getting out of the house and connecting with fellow service members.

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Barcelona, 21 February 2017 | 360WiseNews

Police in Barcelona said on Tuesday they are questioning a Swedish man who allegedly stole a butane gas truck and drove it at high speed against traffic on a city highway.

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Keep Wisconsin Warm/Cool Fund – Heat For Heroes to expand upon its campaign to keep the heat and power on or avert homelessness for Veterans in crisis

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While the high cost of energy affects all of us, hit hardest are over 62,000 Wisconsin Veterans attempting to survive on incomes well below the poverty level

MADISON, Wis., Feb. 20, 2017 /360WiseNews/ — Along with engaging and raising public awareness, KWW/CF-Heat For Heroes has also set a fundraising goal of $500,000 for 2017 to respond to the growing unmet needs of struggling Veterans. During 2016 alone 3,848 Heroes were provided the emergency assistance necessary to offset a life threatening situation from occurring. This was due to the generosity of others right in our communities. Beginning February 1st, the campaign is calling upon Wisconsinites to not only give their financial support, but also show their commitment individually through the Citizen’s Pledge with opportunities at and on Facebook and Twitter at #pledgeforvets. For more information contact Sara Cotter or Timothy Bruer.

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Thousands of Orthodox Jews Protest Israeli Military Draft Law During Netanyahu’s Attendance in Washington

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WASHINGTON, N.Y., Feb. 15, 2017 /360WiseNews/ — Thousands of Rabbis and members of the Orthodox Jewish demonstrated today (Wednesday) in front of the White house in Washington DC against Israel’s Military Draft Law, which results in the forced enlistment of many Orthodox Jews. The protestors also decried Israel’s brutal tactics to silence dissent and peaceful protests against the draft policy.

Rabbis of the Central Rabbinical Congress of the USA and Canada – the Rabbinic umbrella association representing hundreds of Orthodox Jewish congregations with a combined membership of over 250,000 that organized the protest – decried Israel’s conscription policy, passed in 2014, which curtailed a 60 year old policy exempting all Yeshiva students from military service. Since then, many who refused to enlist were incarcerated for weeks and sometimes months under brutal conditions. Those who peacefully protest those policies are subject to harsh punishments as well.

For instance, a father of seven, Rabbi Binyumin Friedman was recently incarcerated for peacefully protesting the draft. He was denied bail and is now scheduled to remain detained until the completion of his trial, which can take many months.

“The Israeli Army is an irreligious entity, and it is impossible for Orthodox Jews to fully practice their religion while in the army. We cannot serve in the army; because, the Torah prohibits us to create a state before the coming of Messiah… because, the Torah prohibits us to wage war against any sovereign nation!” declared Rabbi Aaron Jacobs, the intergovernmental liaison for the CRC. Keep Reading

Military Augmented Reality (MAR) Technologies Market Report 2016-2026

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LONDON, Feb. 14, 2017 /PRNewswire/ 360WiseNews /– Report Details
Visiongain assesses that the global Military Augmented Reality market will reach $1,311.3m in 2016 with significant prospects for growth. It is therefore critical that your strategic plans are timely and your forecasting plans are in place to take advantage of the business opportunities presented in this brand new study.

Visiongain’s report will ensure that you keep informed and ahead of your competitors. Gain that competitive advantage.

The report will answer questions such as:
– What are the prospects for the overall Military Augmented Reality market?
– How profitable is the Military Augmented Reality market?
– Who are the key players within the Military Augmented Reality market?
– What are the drivers and restraints underpinning the Military Augmented Reality market?

5. Reasons why you must order and read this report today:

1) The report provides market share, ranking and profiles of the leading companies operating within the Military Augmented Reality market
– Elbit Systems Ltd.
– Rockwell Collins
– Thales Group
– BAE Systems plc
– BANC3 Inc.
– Applied Research Associates (ARA)
– Osterhout Design Group
– Vuzix Corporation
– Six15 Technologies

2) The study reveals where and how companies are investing in the Military Augmented Reality market. We show you the prospects for the following national markets
South Korea
United Kingdom
United States
– Rest of the World

3) The analysis is also underpinned by 2 exclusive interviews with leading experts
Jim Donnelly, Vice President of Business Development at Six15 Technologies
Barry Po, Senior Director Product and Business Development at NGRAIN

4) Our overview also forecasts and analyses these submarkets from 2016-2026
– The Global MAR for Dismounted Soldiers Submarket
– The Global MAR for Land Vehicles Submarket
– The Global MAR for Naval Vehicles Submarket
– The Global MAR for Aerial Vehicles Submarket

5) See details of over 75 contracts relating to military augmented reality systems for each region and for each company Keep Reading

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