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Vectrus Ombudsperson Wins International Compliance Award

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COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo., April 5, 2017 /360WiseNews/ — Vectrus, Inc. (NYSE: VEC) announced that Jennifer McPherson, Ombudsperson, received the Compliance Officer of the Year, EMEA at the 2017 Women in Compliance Awards held in London, U.K. on March 30, 2017.

The Women in Compliance Awards celebrate the successes and achievements of female compliance professionals from across the corporate spectrum worldwide and recognizes the achievements of women within the compliance and regulatory industry.

“It is an honor to receive this award, given the caliber of nominee on the shortlist for consideration,” said McPherson.  “This is a bright moment for our program and could not have been achieved without the collective effort of everyone involved.”

Vectrus is committed to ensuring it has effective ethics and compliance programs across the globe. The company’s programs provide oversight and leadership to help ensure that Vectrus operates with the highest ethical business standards. In 2016, Chief Legal Officer, Michele Tyler was honored with the Chief Compliance Officer of the Year award.

“Jennifer is richly deserving of this award.  We are delighted that the Women in Compliance Awards recognized the valuable contributions and leadership Jennifer brings to the Vectrus compliance department,” said Michele Tyler, Vectrus chief legal officer.  “Our effectiveness as a compliance team must evolve with new challenges, and as the center of our compliance operations in the Middle East, Jennifer is instrumental in the continued development of our program.” Keep Reading

78-year-old Hiker Still Climbing to New Heights Even After Recent Nevada Mountain Rescue

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FORT LAUDERDALE, Fla., March 15, 2017 /360WiseNews/ — ACR Electronics shares Rita Wagner a 78-year-old hiker’s “Survivor Story,” after she was recently rescued from Calico Tanks Peak in Red Rock Canyon, Las Vegas.

A long-time and experienced member of the group, 52 Peak Club, Rita was approaching the peak when she fell backwards after the sandstone rocks broke beneath her, cracking her elbow, injuring her back and suffering severe lacerations.

That days group leader, Chris Hanna said, “Rita was in great pain and bleeding profusely. There were medical professionals on the hike that administered first aid and quickly determined she was in shock and needed to get to a hospital immediately. I deployed the ResQLink knowing that our fellow hiker was in grave danger. It triggered a response in less than one hour from our highly trained Las Vegas Search and Rescue by helicopter that was able to zero in on our location with ease because of the dual frequency design. The officer in charge stated they really appreciate the ResQLink Personal Locator Beacon as it makes their job easier and more efficient.”

Rita replied, “I never go out without my PLB, although hoped I would never have to use it. I recommend that every hiker of any age or skill level carry one. I often go out hiking on my own, so my ACR PLB is always in my pack.”

Rita expressed, “I am still hurting, but it hurts to sit too so I may as well be out walking, though I am staying on the trail for now. I solo hiked last September to Mt. Whitney, the highest mountain in the lower 48 states at 14,508 ft. I have done it four times and hope to do it again this year!” Keep Reading

Alaska Airlines’ California growth continues, adding six new nonstop routes from San Diego

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Alaska is the fastest-growing airline in San Diego with 40 daily departures to 28 destinations

Update: Previous version of news release issued contained an incorrect start date for San Diego-Omaha route.

SAN DIEGO, March 15, 2017 /360WiseNews/ — Alaska Airlines today announced increased investment in Southern California by adding service to six new destinations from San Diego International Airport. New nonstop service includes daily flights to Albuquerque, New Mexico; Austin, Texas; Kansas City, Missouri; Minneapolis/St. Paul; Omaha, Nebraska; and St. Louis. By late August, Alaska will fly 40 daily departures to 28 destinations from San Diego, including the most nonstop flights to Mexico and Hawaii.

Alaska is quickly establishing itself as the go-to airline for people on the West Coast. Today’s news comes on the heels of Alaska’s announcement last week adding 13 nonstop routes from the Bay Area – the single largest announcement in company history.

“Alaska Airlines has grown more than any other carrier in San Diego over the last five years, with the addition of 18 nonstop destinations and nearly twice as many departing seats,” said John Kirby, vice president of capacity planning at Alaska Airlines. “We want to thank Airport Authority President and CEO Thella Bowens and her terrific team for their partnership. Without Thella’s strong leadership and support over the years, our growth wouldn’t have been possible.”

The new flights build on previously announced routes, which include daily nonstop flights between San Diego and Baltimore starting today, three-times-daily service between San Diego and Sacramento starting tomorrow, and daily service between San Diego and Mexico City. Flight schedules for Mexico City will be announced in the coming months, pending government approval.

From San Diego, guests can make convenient connections to Tokyo and London, served by partner carriers Japan Airlines and British Airways, while enjoying the benefits of Alaska’s award-winning customer service and loyalty program. Keep Reading

International Medical Corps and Conrad N. Hilton Foundation Launch The Things We Carry Campaign, Highlighting Plight of Syrian Refugees

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LOS ANGELES, March 7, 2017 /360WiseNews/ — In an effort to keep public attention on the ongoing needs of millions of Syrian refugees, International Medical Corps and the Conrad N. Hilton Foundation are launching The Things We Carry, a campaign featuring the children, men and women who have fled six years of war in their country – and what they carried with them to safety.

The campaign, which will roll out across media platforms, includes an interactive tool for viewers to choose what they would carry with them if they were suddenly forced from their homes – and to explore the stories of twelve Syrians who faced that agonizing choice.

“While this war has been grinding on for nearly six years, and global attention has ebbed and flowed in that time, the Syrian people continue to endure tremendous suffering, and we must not forget them,” said Rebecca Milner, Vice President of Institutional Advancement for International Medical Corps. “Our goal with this campaign is to help people imagine what it’s like to have to flee your home at a moment’s notice, to save your life or that of your family – and to be able to take only one thing with you. What would that one thing be? For these refugees, leaving their homes and everything they know is not a choice, but a matter of life and death.”

“While the suffering of Syrian refugees continues, international humanitarian response increasingly falls short of what is needed to address their growing needs,” said Shaheen Kassim-Lakha, Director of International Programs for the Hilton Foundation.  “With millions of refugees rapidly turning into a lost generation, it is vital to develop innovative communications campaigns such as this to bring more attention to the crisis.”

International Medical Corps operates in Syria, Iraq, Jordan, Lebanon, and Turkey, delivering lifesaving medical relief and training programs aimed at helping people recover, rebuild and become their own best first responders.  The Hilton Foundation has been supporting International Medical Corps’ programs for Syrian refugees in Turkey since 2013.

To participate in the campaign, visit The Things We Carry social media toolkit.

Since its inception 30 years ago, International Medical Corps‘ mission has been consistent: relieve the suffering of those impacted by war, natural disaster, and disease by delivering vital health care services that focus on training. This approach of helping people help themselves is critical to returning devastated populations to self-reliance. For more information visit: Also visit us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter.

The Conrad N. Hilton Foundation was created in 1944 by international business pioneer Conrad N. Hilton, who founded Hilton Hotels and left his fortune to help the world’s disadvantaged and vulnerable people. The Foundation currently conducts strategic initiatives in six priority areas: providing safe water, ending chronic homelessness, preventing substance use, helping young children affected by HIV and AIDS, supporting transition-age youth in foster care, and extending Conrad Hilton’s support for the work of Catholic Sisters. In addition, following selection by an independent international jury, the Foundation annually awards the $2 million Conrad N. Hilton Humanitarian Prize to a nonprofit organization doing extraordinary work to alleviate human suffering. In 2016, the Humanitarian Prize was awarded to The Task Force for Global Health, an international, nonprofit organization that works to improve health of people most in need, primarily in developing countries. From its inception, the Foundation has awarded more than $1.5 billion in grants, distributing $109 million in the U.S. and around the world in 2016. The Foundation’s current assets are approximately $2.6 billion. For more information, please visit

To view the original version on PR Newswire, visit:

SOURCE International Medical Corps

North Dallas Research Associates and Cardiac Center of Texas Begin Enrollment in TOBA II BTK Clinical Trial for New Peripheral Revascularization Treatment Option

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Dr. Khan Deployed the First Below the Knee Tack System in the South East Region and Only Second in the Country

MCKINNEY, Texas, March 2, 2017 /360WiseNews/ — North Dallas Research Associates and its private practice, Cardiac Center of Texas, announced today their participation in the Tack Optimized Balloon Angioplasty II Below the Knee (TOBA II BTK) clinical trial. TOBA II BTK is a study that offers physicians a new option to treat patients suffering from advanced peripheral artery disease (PAD) or critical limb ischemia (CLI). Using the Tack Endovascular System®, the innovative technology is designed specifically to repair dissections following standard balloon angioplasty in the popliteal and tibial arteries with minimal stress to the vessels.

“We’re very excited to enroll the first patient in Texas to be treated in this groundbreaking clinical study,” said Dr. M. Akram Khan, Cardiologist at Cardiac Center of Texas. “TOBA II BTK provides the latest vascular technology for those in the Dallas area suffering from advanced PAD.”

PAD is a disease of the blood vessels in the legs and feet that occurs when arteries become narrow or clogged and don’t receive enough blood flow to meet the body’s needs. A recent analysis suggests more than 8 million Americans have peripheral artery disease, with 12-20% of individuals ages 65+ being affected. When left untreated, PAD can lead to critical limb ischemia (CLI), a more serious form of the disease. There are more than one million people in the United States living with CLI. CLI patients experience similar symptoms to PAD patients; however, CLI symptoms can significantly increase in severity from pain when resting, to open sores, to life-threatening conditions like gangrene, and can eventually require limb amputation in some patients. According to the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, clogged arteries in the legs, just like clogged arteries in the heart, put individuals at risk for heart attack or stroke.

The Tack Endovascular System is equipped with self-sizing technology that allows one Tack implant to fit arteries ranging from 1.5mm to 4.5mm in diameter. This flexibility eliminates the need to precisely size the device to the arterial diameter, which is necessary with conventional stents. The device then allows physicians to “spot treat” the vessel only where dissections are present, rather than leave dissections untreated or covering them with large metal stents. This technique minimizes the amount of implanted metal and reduces vessel trauma and inflammation.

“Advanced PAD and CLI are large areas of fast-growing unmet need, both clinically and from a health economics perspective,” added Dr. Khan. “Patients with CLI suffer from debilitating symptoms and have few effective treatment options. It is important for the medical community to collaborate in this study to further the treatment options for patients with such advanced disease.”

Additional information regarding this trial can be found at by searching the term NCT02522884.

About the Tack Endovascular System and the TOBA II BTK Clinical Trial
For more information about the TOBA II BTK trial, please visit

About North Dallas Research Associates and Cardiac Center of Texas
Established in 2003 by Dr. M. Akram Khan, NDRA has grown steadily for more than 10 years building expertise in clinical research operations. We are a team of professional and dedicated staff led by Dr. Khan, who manages and conducts a vast variety of clinical trials. Currently, the site has three principal investigators conducting clinical trials under various specialties. Keep Reading

Pennsylvania Secretary of Health Convenes Inaugural Meeting for the First State Interagency Health Equity Team in the Nation

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HARRISBURG, Pa., Feb. 17, 2016 /360WiseNews/ — Secretary of Health Dr. Karen Murphy has convened the inaugural meeting for the Pennsylvania Interagency Health Equity Team, the first state-led effort of its kind in the United States.

“Health equity is achieved when all people have full and equal access to opportunities that enable them to lead healthy lives,” Secretary Murphy said. “The Wolf Administration is dedicated to ensuring access to quality health care for every Pennsylvanian, no matter their age, race, religion, background or where they live. This group of dedicated professionals will work together to move that mission forward.”

The Pennsylvania Interagency Health Equity Team is an ensemble of statewide agencies which will address health equity issues through strategic partnerships and idea sharing. The team is modeled after the Federal Interagency Health Equity Team and will meet on a monthly basis to develop their goals and outreach implementation. Keep Reading

Thousands of Orthodox Jews Protest Israeli Military Draft Law During Netanyahu’s Attendance in Washington

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WASHINGTON, N.Y., Feb. 15, 2017 /360WiseNews/ — Thousands of Rabbis and members of the Orthodox Jewish demonstrated today (Wednesday) in front of the White house in Washington DC against Israel’s Military Draft Law, which results in the forced enlistment of many Orthodox Jews. The protestors also decried Israel’s brutal tactics to silence dissent and peaceful protests against the draft policy.

Rabbis of the Central Rabbinical Congress of the USA and Canada – the Rabbinic umbrella association representing hundreds of Orthodox Jewish congregations with a combined membership of over 250,000 that organized the protest – decried Israel’s conscription policy, passed in 2014, which curtailed a 60 year old policy exempting all Yeshiva students from military service. Since then, many who refused to enlist were incarcerated for weeks and sometimes months under brutal conditions. Those who peacefully protest those policies are subject to harsh punishments as well.

For instance, a father of seven, Rabbi Binyumin Friedman was recently incarcerated for peacefully protesting the draft. He was denied bail and is now scheduled to remain detained until the completion of his trial, which can take many months.

“The Israeli Army is an irreligious entity, and it is impossible for Orthodox Jews to fully practice their religion while in the army. We cannot serve in the army; because, the Torah prohibits us to create a state before the coming of Messiah… because, the Torah prohibits us to wage war against any sovereign nation!” declared Rabbi Aaron Jacobs, the intergovernmental liaison for the CRC. Keep Reading

Otis Offers Enhanced Performance & Design in Advance of Modernization Projects

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Otis’ CompassPlus™ system with new design options is now available before elevator modernization projects begin, regardless of existing elevator technology

FARMINGTON, Conn., Feb. 14, 2017 /PRNewswire/ 360WiseNews/  — Building owners and managers can now realize the benefits of the Otis CompassPlus destination management system in advance of a complete modernization of their existing elevators. The Otis CompassPlus system can be installed before or during an elevator modernization project, providing increased passenger efficiency, seamless security integration and a new customizable, contemporary design. Otis, the world’s leading manufacturer and maintainer of elevators, escalators and moving walkways, is a unit of United Technologies Corp. (NYSE: UTX).

Otis has installed CompassPlus destination management systems in more than 250 cities spanning 55 countries. Now, elevators of many makes and models, including non-Otis products, can benefit from Otis’ innovative and customizable technology at any stage of a modernization project.

The system gets passengers to their destinations as much as 50 percent faster than conventional dispatching systems. It also works seamlessly with the building’s security system to manage floor access.

“We worked closely with key customers and discovered the need for a custom-engineered destination dispatching solution at the beginning of the modernization process,” said Robin Fiala, vice president, New Equipment Marketing & Strategic Planning, Otis. “After installing the CompassPlus system upgrade as the first step of the modernization in key cities around the world, we found people adapted quickly to the new intuitive design. In fact, they didn’t notice when cars were taken out of service for upgrades due to the improved performance CompassPlus provided.”

“One of the reasons Sidra Real Estate chose Otis for the elevator modernization at 180 Montgomery Street was the CompassPlus system,” said David Barry, President of Sidra Real Estate, Inc. “When we learned we wouldn’t have to wait to get it until the modernization was over, that was an added benefit. The tenants adjusted quickly to the new destination experience, and we found that during the modernization, three elevators worked more effectively with CompassPlus than four with our conventional system. No more long lines in the lobby every morning.”

The passenger interface for the new CompassPlus touchscreens and touchpads were redesigned to produce a stylish, intuitive system. The user interface can be customized to meet each building’s design needs with new colors and fixture options available. Using SmartGrouping™ technology, CompassPlus destination dispatching organizes passengers by destination to get them there faster with fewer stops. Passengers going to the same floor are assigned to the same elevator, and Otis’ SmartGrouping technology also assigns elevators to serve adjacent floors. The CompassPlus system directs Keep Reading

Dominion’s Edward Baine Receives a Black Engineer of the Year Award for STEM and Community Service

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RICHMOND, Va., Feb. 13, 2017 /PRNewswire/ 360WiseNews/  — As a result of his leadership and influence in the community, Edward H. Baine, senior vice president-Distribution for Dominion Virginia Power, received a Black Engineer of the Year Award (BEYA) for STEM (science, technology, engineering and mathematics) and Community Service – the Anthony R. James Legacy Award. He is among scientists and engineers from around the country who was recognized in 31 award categories at the 2017 BEYA STEM Conference held this past weekend in Washington, D.C.

“Ed brings a level of commitment and talent to his work – both inside the company and within the community – that is not only impressive but is vital to our company’s future and our community’s well-being,” said Thomas F. Farrell II, Dominion chairman, president and CEO. “Holding a position that is responsible for delivering electricity to 2.5 million customers, Ed consistently demonstrates that his priorities lie with the communities and the people we serve. This recognition is well deserved.”

In addition to Baine’s service as a board member of the Dominion Credit Union, Chamber RVA, and the Capital Region Collaborative Organizing Council, he serves on the board of directors of the Chesterfield Education Foundation, Venture Richmond and the Southeastern Electric Exchange. He is also a board member for MEGA Mentors and the executive sponsor for the Virginia Chapter of AABE. He is involved with advisory committees at Virginia State University and University of Richmond. Of particular note is the Bernard L. Savage Community Service Award, which Baine received in 2015 from Chamber RVA. Keep Reading

Wounded Warrior Project Empowers Veterans at Powerlifting Clinic

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PITTSBURGH, Feb. 13, 2017 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ 360WiseNews / — Wounded Warrior Project® (WWP) recently teamed with The Strength Lab at Union Fitness for a powerlifting clinic in Pittsburgh. Xtreme Powerlifting Coalition member and author Casey Williams provided hands-on coaching for warriors during the squat, deadlift, and bench press exercises.

“Since leaving the Army, my physical health deteriorated,” said wounded warrior Tony Canzonieri. “A few months ago, I began working out and found myself looking and feeling better. Having never lifted weights, this event was an opportunity to gain a new skill and continue my fitness journey, working my way back to a healthy weight and mindset.”

During the program, warriors learned fundamental powerlifting movements while connecting with fellow service members. Exercises started at the beginner level and progressed to more experienced levels with breakout fitness stations available during rotations. Many participants will continue their training and preparation to ultimately compete in an official powerlifting meet.

These connection activities support the long-term recovery needs of warriors by reintroducing them to the unique bonds experienced during military service. In a WWP survey of the injured warriors it serves, more than half of survey respondents (51.7 percent) talked with fellow Global War on Terrorism veterans to address their mental health issues, and 29.6 percent expressed physical activity helps. Keep Reading

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