Does Ben Shapiro Seriously Think That California Will Miss Him? [Video]


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  • Ben Shapiro just announced that he is leaving California for Nashville.
  • He will take his show, The Daily Wire, with him, citing California’s “terrible governance.”
  • Does Shapiro not realize that he’s doing California a favor?

Ben Shapiro is leaving California. And California does not care.

Someone, apparently, forgot to tell the host of The Daily Wire, as he made a big to-do of his decision. It reeked of some kind of punishment to the Golden State, but California is feeling lighter already.

Tennessee Will Have to Put Up With Ben Shapiro Now

Ben Shapiro
Nashville is already excited. | Source: Twitter

Have you ever had a housefly buzz around your ear? You try to knock it away, and it might shut up for a second, but it quickly returns to annoy you once again. That fly is Ben Shapiro to most Californians.

California is a historically liberal state, and Shapiro’s conservative viewpoints don’t mix. Worse, the Sunshine State is known as a fun, laid-back place.

Ben Shapiro is …