Dzogbenuku outdoored as PPP flagbearer, pledges to restore hope to Ghanaians [Video]


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Brigitte Dzogbenuku, the flagbearer of Progressive People’s Party (PPP), has promised to restore hope to Ghanaians after what she described as the duopoly of the National Democratic Congress and the New Patriotic Party under the fourth republic.

As she was outdoored as the flagbearer of the PPP on Saturday, Brigitte Dzogbenuku assured of bold ideas that will transform Ghana if voters welcomed a third force.

“We have been so disappointed and disempowered repeatedly with each subsequent election that we have lost hope and trust, even in our own capabilities, and in our own power to change things. I, as Flagbearer of the PPP, am here to restore that hope and give you trust again.”

Brigitte Dzogbenuku also bemoaned the unrealised potential in Ghana.

“We have been promised “a better Ghana” and “real change” over the years, but all we have seen are two sides of the same coin, and a continuous widening gap in between the rich and poor, …