Extreme storms, sea rise are headed our way. Will Congress take action? | Opinion [Video]


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By Simon Horowitz

Cape May County is a special place to me. My great aunt lives in Del Haven, just north of Cape May, so my family and I visit almost every summer. Her home is situated along the sandy beach of the Delaware Bay. When I was a child, I awed at the vast expanse of the bay’s reach — it was a place of serenity. Yet, as time goes on, I have grown worried about its precarious location in the midst of our ever-changing climate.

Her home luckily escaped the worst impacts of Hurricane Irene and Hurricane Sandy. However, as our planet continues to warm, the risk posed to her and other Cape May County residents increase. In late June, the New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection (NJDEP) released an updated Climate Change Report, outlining the vast dangers posed to New Jersey from hurricanes, floods, rising temperatures and more.

Over the next two …