Giannis Unfollowed The Bucks And All His Teammates On IG Dean Blundell’s Sports, News, Podcast Network [Video]


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Giannis Antetokounmpo unfollowed ALL of his Bucks teammates on Instagram. He’s only following 9 people.

— Dionysis Aravantinos (@AravantinosDA) September 12, 2020

Here we go. Raptors 2021. Giannis is coming baby. Weird timing though because a few days ago he said he didn’t want a trade and wants to run through a wall for the Bucks, or something along those lines I’m paraphrasing.

Seen here.

Weird.Weird.Weird. I wonder what happened from then until right now.

Either way after getting your ass handed to you by Miami, I don’t blame him for entertaining all options.

The bubble rumors about him joining the Heat or the Raptors were one thing. That already had a lot of smoke. But now you add this to the mix and we have a full on fire on our hands folks.

Masai’s relationship with Giannis alone is the only thing that makes me think we have a legit shot at this.

This is going to be …


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