Halloween at a distance: Man creates candy chute for trick-or-treat, see other designs to start on now [Video]


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An Ohio man is making sure kids in his neighborhood can get their allotment of Halloween candy but still be a safe distance away because of the coronavirus pandemic.

Enter a Halloween candy chute.

All Andrew Beattie needed was a long shipping tube, spray paint and of course, the handyman’s helper, duct tape, WTOL reported.

Beattie posted his monstrous creation to social media where it’s giving inspiration to other Halloween aficionados who are going to put their spin on the safe candy distribution system.

Beattie’s invention isn’t the only one out there to allow kids to safely take part in trick-or-treat.

Nerdbot shared a design that had a little more scare behind it, complete with a couple of skeletons and mummy wrappings.

Prop makers from Wicked Makers used a similar tube delivery system but it’s the decorations that tie it all together.

Jamie and Jay shared the design on YouTube.

On Instructables, there’s a candy …