Languoreth Is A Real Historical Figure Who Had Been Swept Under The Rug For 1400 Years: Author Signe Pike On Book The Forgotten Kingdom CBS DC [Video]


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(CBS Local)– Author Signe Pike is back with a brand new book called “The Forgotten Kingdom” and fans of her last book “The Lost Queen” get to return to sixth century Scotland. Pike’s book is the second installment of “The Lost Queen” trilogy and this one hits on everything from love to family to politics.

Pike’s story centers around a queen name Languoreth, who is imprisoned in her own home awaiting the news of a battle. Her husband and son have ridden off to war against her twin brother and her forbidden true love Maelgwn. While this book was tough to write for the former editor, she’s really proud of the final product and believes fans will be hooked from the get go with this one.

“The series is about a real historical queen from sixth century Scotland and the first book The Lost Queen was from her point of view,” said Pike …