Many Couples Admit They Are Struggling To Keep The Spark Alive In Lockdown (Video) [Video]


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Nearly half of Americans in a relationship say it’s been difficult to keep the spark alive with their partner during the pandemic, according to new research.

And though keeping the spark alive has been challenging, 67% of respondents agreed that the pandemic has brought them closer to their partner.

Forty-two percent of couples have planned at-home “date nights,” and 4 in 10 have even started a new exercise routine together.

Thirty-eight percent, moreover, say they have tried to keep the spark alive by planning a trip, with respondents planning an average of three trips with their partner during quarantine.

Conducted by OnePoll on behalf of the Aruba Tourism Authority, the study probed the state of travel and romance in the midst of the pandemic.

The survey of 2,000 Americans in a relationship revealed that the average couple hasn’t taken a trip together for seven months.

And couples with children haven’t been away without them in 11 months.

Sixty-one percent …