Mastodon Drops “Medium Rarities” | Westword [Video]


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After recording "Fallen Torches" with Neurosis singer Scott Kelly last year, the guys in Atlanta metal band Mastodon wanted to use the track as a promotional tool for a European tour with him. But after two weeks on the road, the song hadn't been released yet.

"We don't know what happened," says Mastodon drummer and singer Brann Dailor. "It was like some kind of bureaucracy or red tape. I have no idea. I still don't know. I knew at one point, but I've forgotten what the reason was. But it didn't come out, and we talked about it in the press and everything, and people were like, 'Where's "Fallen Torches"? What the heck's going on?'"

After the tour, Dailor says manager Kristen Mulderig came up with the idea of putting "Fallen Torches" on an album of B-sides and "things that are sort of floating…this kind of shrapnel that's out there." Then Dailor, along with bandmates bassist Troy …