More than half of letters delayed amid USPS crisis, survey finds [Video]


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The letter — filled with stickers for a 5-year-old boy named William — was mailed at the post office in the Los Angeles community of Sylmar on Aug. 22. It was sent first class, at a cost of 55 cents, and with a promise, according to the U.S. Postal Service website, of “delivery in 1-3 business days.”

The plain white envelope arrived at its destination, a ranch-style house in Austin, Texas, 11 days later.

Another letter, mailed from Malibu to the San Francisco suburb of Millbrae, sat in a Los Angeles processing center for three days and wasn’t delivered for an additional four days after that.

And a letter sent from the Alhambra post office to a residence in Washington, D.C., took four days to get to the mail processing center in the capital, and three more days elapsed before it reached its final destination.

The slow mail service from Los Angeles to cities near …