NE Among 11 State Governments With Money to Weather Pandemic [Video]


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(KFOR NEWS  September 16, 2020)   Truth in Accounting (TIA), a think tank that analyzes government financial reports, found that only 11 state governments had some money set aside to weather the pandemic caused by COVID-19.  These 11 states had a Taxpayer Surplus™ at the end of the fiscal year (FY) 2019, which is a calculation of the state’s available assets divided by the number of taxpayers.  These findings are released today in the eleventh annual Financial State of the States report, which ranks all 50 states by their financial health.

These 11 “Sunshine States” include the following:

  • Alaska | Taxpayer Surplus: $77,400

  • North Dakota | Taxpayer Surplus: $37,700

  • Wyoming | Taxpayer Surplus: $19,600

  • Utah | Taxpayer Surplus: $5,500

  • Tennessee | Taxpayer Surplus: $3,400

  • South Dakota | Taxpayer Surplus: $3,300

  • Nebraska | Taxpayer Surplus: $2,800

  • Idaho | Taxpayer Surplus: $2,800

  • Oregon | Taxpayer Surplus: $2,600

  • Iowa | Taxpayer Surplus: $1,500

  • Minnesota | Taxpayer Surplus: $100

While a sizable Taxpayer Surplus is a strong sign of fiscal responsibility, each …



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