Paraglider rescued after getting caught in high-voltage power lines [Video]


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A paraglider filmed himself hanging almost 500 feet above the ground after his chute tangled on high tension power lines before he was rescued.

Julian Franco, 34, can be seen helplessly hanging 150 metres from the ground with his chute tangled in a powerline above him.

The scary moment was filmed in Ansermanuevo in in Colombia yesterday.

Another video shows the moment Franco is slowly lowered while two people can be seen hanging on the high voltage line where his chute was tangled.

He finally manages to reach the ground and is immediately assisted by doctors, while several people stand around them and Franco moves very little, apparently exhausted.

He was hanging for around eight hours before authorities finally managed to rescue him with the help of a private company.

A police spokesman made a statement after the operation saying: ‘In coordination with our firefighters, our Civil Defence, the team …