Slothy Sunday: Independence Day sloths – [Video]


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The sloth isn’t an official national symbol of Costa Rica, but given how much they’re adored by Ticos and visitors alike, they instill plenty of national pride.

Don’t believe us? Check out some of Costa Rica’s old tourism campaigns. From the “Million Dollar Gift of Happiness” to “Save the Americans,” there’s no question people love the perezoso. 

Million Dollar Gift of Happiness

Why are Costa Ricans so happy? It might just be because of the talking, anthropomorphic sloths.

Mr. Sloth and his free trips to Costa Rica became an internet sensation in 2011, and tens of thousands of people entered the promotional giveaway contest. Even Anderson Cooper got involved, presenting a newlywed couple with a Gift of Happiness trip on his show.

Save the Americans!

Do you need saving? Targeting overworked Americans* and Canadians, this 2014 campaign hoped to attract overstressed people yearning for a vacation.

Despite the singing animals being slightly too lifelike and crossing into …