Space start-up Astra’s first attempt to launch a rocket into orbit ends in a fiery crash [Video]


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Astra Space Inc's first attempt to launch a rocket into orbit came to a disappointing end as it veered off course and catapulted to the ground. 

The California start-up conducted launch from the Pacific Spaceport Complex in Kodiak, Alaska, on Friday evening. 

Video showed the 38-foot-tall rocket taking off at 7.19pm local time and flying for about 30 seconds before it fizzled out and came tumbling to the ground, creating a fiery explosion upon landing. 

'Successful lift off and fly out, but the flight ended during the first-stage burn. It does look like we got a good amount of nominal flight time. More updates to come!' Astra tweeted. 

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Astra is among a number of space start-ups working to create small, low cost rockets that can be sent into orbit on a daily basis. 

Friday's flight marked the first of three scheduled to take place in the coming months as Astra aims to …