Students Suspended, Then Reinstated for 9/11 Activism [Video]


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Football players in Little Miami, Ohio are being disciplined for showing their support to first responders and police on 9/11.

Bradley Williams and Jared Bentley carried  Thin-Blue, and Thin-Red Line flags onto the football field on the 19th anniversary of the attack on the Twin Towers, Local 12 reported.

The boys were suspended from all athletics after supposedly being told by the school that they wouldn’t be allowed to bring the flags on the field, a report contradicted by Kellie Williams, one of the boy’s mother.

“12:00pm Told the boys no. 1:00pm Told them yes. 2:30pm I can’t tell you yes or no. So the flags went out,” Williams said in a Facebook post.

In another statementto Facebook, Williams announced that her son and his teammate were suspended for their actions, though later updates informed supporters of their reinstatement. The statement garnered hundreds of supportive comments from people across the …