Students Love Trumps Second Term AgendaWhen They Think Its Bidens | USSA News [Video]

Florida Campus Correspondent Ophelie Jacobson spoke to students about President Trumps recently released agenda for his second term, building off the administrations first-term accomplishments. Campus Reform asked students about some of the initiatives listed on the agenda, without telling them they were part of Trumps agenda. Instead, students were told


U.S. arms sales surge to Taiwan [Video]

The United States is pushing forward with the sale of as many as seven major weapons systems to Taiwan, people familiar with the discussions told Reuters Subscribe: brings you the latest business, finance and breaking news video from around the globe. Our reputation for accuracy and impartiality is unparalleled.Get the latest news on: Reuters on Facebook: Reuters on Twitter: Reuters on Instagram:


Historic? Israel’s normalisation of ties with UAE, Bahrain [Video]

So is it historic? At the same White House that hosted Israel’s 1978 peace deal with Egypt and the 1993 Oslo accords with the Palestinians… now comes the normalization of ties with United Arab Emirates… and Bahrein with both foreign ministers in attendance. Relations between Israel and the Gulf monarchies warmed a long time ago. Why come clean now?Subscribe to France 24 now: 24 live news stream: all the latest news 24/7 our website:http://www.france24.comSubscribe to our YouTube channel: us on Facebook: us on Twitter: