The new MLB Playoff format could allow for Rays fans to attend a Wild Card Series before heading West. – Sports Talk Florida [Video]


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The good news for Tampa Bay Rays fans is that if they can hold on to their top spot in the AL East, they would be able to host all of the “best of three,” Wild Card games at Tropicana Field. Another big boost would be the chance that a limited number of fans would be able to attend the games, something MLB Commissioner Rob Manfred hopes can happen.

*A quick note to those who missed it, the 2020 Wild Card will be expanded to a best of three series instead of the normal one game playoff. All of the games will be played in the park of the team with the highest seed.

If the Rays win the Wild Card series they would head west to either San Diego or Los Angeles. It also should be noted that the Miami Marlins are still in the National League Playoff race …