The Wiggles Give Toronto Teen Who Lost His Mom To Coronavirus The Surprise Of His Life [Video]


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The Wiggles gave Toronto teen Leymo Mohammed the surprise of his life recently.

Mohammed, 17, did an interview with the Toronto Star about tragically losing his mom, Bontu Abdulahi, to COVID-19 in May. The late personal support worker, 44, an immigrant from Ethiopia, was a devoted mom to Mohammed and her other child, 13-year-old Biftu.

Mohammed paid tribute to his loving mom in the article, explaining how she supported him especially with his struggle with autism.

The teen also made sure to tell the reporter about his love for The Wiggles, which eventually led to him receiving the best video from the Australian children’s group.

After seeing Mohammed’s article in the paper, The Wiggles’ Anthony, real name Anthony Field, messaged him on Twitter: “I know it must be so sad and hard for you. The Wiggles are here for you mate! Would you like us to send a clip singing a song for you?”

Leymo's favourite song from @TheWigglesis 'Toot Toot Chugga …