Top 15 logistics companies in South Africa [Video]


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The leading 15 logistics companies in South Africa give customers a competitive edge over their rivals by providing for them customized logistics and supply chain management solutions. This lucrative industry has attracted many investors, thus increasing competition. However, there some logistics companies have proved to be unbeatable. What are the top 15 courier companies in South Africa?

logistics companies in South Africa

Source: UGC

Logistics is the transportation of goods and equipment from one place to another. On the other hand, a supply chain is a network of organizations that move products and services to customers. These organizations include transportation providers, vendors, call centres, warehouse providers, and others.

Top 15 logistics companies in South Africa

It is no doubt that logistic companies in South Africa have propelled the region towards its present economic success. Some of the most successful uprising courier companieshave pushed older companies out of the market. Here are the giants in the industry. the list is based on customer reviews …