Trump’s Law And Order Message Flops In The Midwest As Biden Leads In Wisconsin And Minnesota [Video]


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Donald Trump hoped his new “law and order” campaign strategy would save him in key midwestern battleground states like Wisconsin and even help him carry historically blue Minnesota, but new polling released Saturday shows that his bet isn’t paying off.

According to a batch of polls from The New York Times/Siena College, Biden has a strong lead in Minnesota (50 percent to 41 percent) and a steady lead in Wisconsin (48 percent to 43 percent).

Both results align with other data released in recent weeks showing Biden ahead in the two important states.

The pollster also surveyed voters in hard-to-poll New Hampshire and Nevada, which found Biden ahead by three points and four points, respectively.

Overall, Biden leads Trump by six points across the four states. That’s consistent with Biden’s current national lead of 7-8 percentage points.

Taken together, Biden’s up 6 across the four states–which were about 1.2 points right of the country in ’16. So I’d say it’s basically in line with the national …