Tyson Fury’s wife Paris says they’re ‘on the fence’ about letting daughter go to secondary school [Video]


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Tyson Fury's wife Paris says she and her husband are 'on the fence' about letting their oldest daughter Venezuela go to secondary school. 

The mother-of-five, 30, has children Prince Adonis Amaziah, one, Venezuela, ten, Prince John James, seven, Prince Tyson II, three, and Valencia Amber, two with the  heavyweight champion, and wants to raise them with a traditional gypsy lifestyle at their home in Morecambe. 

Both Paris and husband Tyson, 32, left school at 11-years-old, and her oldest daughter Venezuela is studying to undergo her 11 plus exam. 

Today on Loose Women, Paris revealed and while she wouldn't take the opportunity to continue education away from her daughter, she feels 'if it's something she wants' Venezuela can 'go back' and have an education when she's older. 

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'She hasn’t got the place as of yet,' said Paris. 'She's got to go through the tests. I'm not taking that opportunity away from …


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