Utah Man Who Lost Leg Making Life Easier For Other Amputees During COVID-19 [Video]


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SOUTH JORDAN, Utah – Adjusting to life after an amputation can be traumatic, and that’s especially true during COVID-19.

Many amputees feel isolated and alone, but one Utahn is using his challenges to make life easier for others.

Dane Tidwell’s grandfather taught him endurance.

“(He was) kind of an old cowboy, tough guy, who survived so many things,” said Tidwell, who lives in South Jordan. “Just a survivor more than anything.”

It’s a skill he would need. When Tidwell was 18, he got osteomyelitis, a dangerous bone infection.

“My foot was like twice the size, and I’d just played in the regional golf tournament,” he said. “(I) qualified for state.”

Doctors couldn’t save Tidwell’s foot, and they amputated below the knee.

“It wasn’t until after the amputation that I was like, ‘Wow,’” he said.

His life changed completely, and he felt confused and alone.

“I wish I would have had somebody to be able to come and tell me …